Course content

Live content call with live Q&A 

every Tuesday (1-1,5h) -for 12 weeks

Weekly being coached by a peer (1h) -for 16 weeks

Weekly coaching a peer (1h)

-for 16 weeks.

Every 3rd week supervised coaching triangles (1-1,5h) -for 12 weeks


Monthly: €675,- (in four instalments)

Or: €2650,- up front


To maintain the highest possible quality of the course, and consequently the best experience for the participants, we can't guarantee your spot until you have passed through the filter of who this is meant for.

Apply by filling out the form underneath, and we'll get back to you with more questions if nessecary.

To book your spot, pay the non-refundable deposit of €675                                                                                                        -if cancelled earlier then 1 month before the start of the course, the €675 can be moved to a later occurrence of SandringS coach-training

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